HackDay RxJS - Learn how to build reactive applications with RxJS by Ben Lesh & Tracy Lee

20 October 2017

Boost your web & mobile developer skills to the next level! This full day of training in RxJS by Ben Lesh and Tracy Lee is a must for everyone who wants to get up to speed with RxJS.

The training is taught by Ben Lesh - creator of RxJS and co-author of redux-observable - and Tracy Lee, a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and RxJS.

The course is designed to gain a profound understanding of reactive patterns and on how to apply these patterns to solve complex challenges. You will also get to know everything about practice stream composition and thinking reactively with RxJS.

The patterns that you'll learn apply to all reactive environments and can be used in JavaScript with React, Angular and Node.

If you want to become a master at RxJS and take your web developer skills to a higher level, this is the training for you!

This training is part of bHack To School 2017.
bHack To School means 2 weeks of different workshops for software developers in Brussels, Belgium. Expert web and mobile technologists like Ben Lesh (creator of RxJS - USA), Evan You (creator of VueJS - USA) & Tracy Lee (contributor of RxJS - USA) will share their knowledge through advanced technical training around Angular, React, Node, VueJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, RxJS and other new technologies.


Timing: 08.30 - 18H00


20 October 2017


Science14,Rue de la Science 14b, 1040 Bruxelles

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