CoderDojo 1082 XL

22 October 2016

Introduce teenagers to programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way.

In the context of the Brussels Digital Week, Devoxx4kids, Velo M2 and CoderDojo 1082 are organising a joint tech event on 22 october 2016. During the event the children from 7 -14 years old will be introduced to the programming of NAO-robots, 3D-printing and the making of animations.

The event is hosted at Gemeenschapscentrum De Kroon. Participating is free of charge, but the amount of participants is limited. Inscription is mandatory and possible via


About Devoxx4Kids
Children have an amazing capacity to absorb technology at an early age. It is critical that they are introduced to it in a fun way that piques their interest so they keep coming back for more. For this, Devoxx4Kids organizes events worldwide where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics. Mentors are computer professionals that are volunteering to spend some of their free time to transmit their passion to children.

About Velo M2
Cargo Bikes can be used for more then only transport, with Vélo M2 we give the tools to rethink how we interact, move and use energy. With our energy platform supplied by solar and pedal power you can have the electricity on location to power an open-air cinema, a mobile fablab and much more on top. We bring all these plans to an open source platform and community where anybody can contribute.

About CoderDojo 1082
CoderDojo is a free and open techclub run by parents and volunteer technology coaches. At Dojos, young people between 7 and 14 learn how to code, develop apps & interactive games, program robots and more. The Dojo in 1082 Brussels is one of 4 in the Brussels and one of the 50 in Belgium.



22 October 2016


De Kroon, J.B. Vandendrieschstraat 19 1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe

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