Workshop : How to innovate like a startup ?

13 October 2015

Disruptive innovation, startups, Lean, Agile, MVP, Pivot,incubation, acceleration, Growth Hacking, bootstrapping… We hear so many buzzwords today that it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the pace of new vocabulary introduced in the business world.

Beyond the hype, there is a real wind of change carried by startups. These small and agile organizations have the potential to quickly create new products and services that can completely change the face of a business sector. Corporations now fear the “Uberization“ of their once protected and safe environment.

There is a reason why these startups are highly effective when it comes to generating new business models, and there is no reason why corporations and SMEs cannot do the same. And they better learn fast in order to avoid being
the next Kodak, Nokia or Blackberry. 

How to innovate like a startup ?


  • Welcome & quick intro
  • “Live the life of a startup” Game : Case study in sub-groups, challenged by facilitators
  • Lessons learned
  • Lunch with entrepreneurs, sharing experiences on innovation challenges
  • How established business are inspired by startups (hackathons, innovation programs, R&D…)
  • List of cases + implementation : discussion in sub-groups
  • One step further : Intrapreneurship, open innovation, new ways of working
  • Surprises

Get your ticket now, participation is free, limited seats available


Whether you are an intrapreneur (also referred to as corporate entrepreneur) or a future startup founder, this workshop is for you.

We will explore during a full day some of the practices in use in the startup world. We will collectively experiment, tryout and learn what makes startups so efficient in creating disruptive innovation.

This workshop will take place in transforma bxl on Tuesday October 13 and will be facilitated by Michel Duchateau (Creadelta, ParticipAgile), Philippe Drouillon (metamorphosis) and Anis Bedda (transforma bxl).


Hour : 9.00h - 17.00h



Michel Duchateau

Agile, Intrapreneurship, Hackathons


13 October 2015


Avenue Jules Bordet 13, B1140 Brussels

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