Third-I demo and Google Cardboard Workshop

26 October 2016 30 October 2016

Teleportation you said!? Big Boy System’s 3D-immersive camera can do just that. With our patented camera “Third-I” no memories will ever fade away as you grow older. No recalling of your best moments will just lay under a pile of dust.

"Third-I" records your personal experience by capturing exactly what you see and hear with 3D video and 3D sound! You can now let your friends step in your shoes and see through your eyes. 

Come to Brussels Openfab and watch our immersive videos all day long. Tell us what kind of experience you want to try and how far we should go to please your senses. Learn how to measure your inter-pupillary distance and build your own physically personalized Google Cardboard to watch Virtual Reality content with. All this while discovering about stereoscopy, binaural audio and the mesmerizing experiences they have to offer.

  • Who : Anyone old enough to hold a pair of scissors

  • When : 26 to 30 October from 9h-18h

  • Where : Brussels Openfab 274, avenue de la Couronne, 1050 Ixelles

  • Language : French, Dutch, English and Spanish

  • Bring : An empty pizza box (or a full one if you’re happy to share)

  • Cost : 3€/PP (covers the lenses, velcro, tools and glue)


26 October 2016


Brussels Openfab 274, avenue de la Couronne, 1050 Ixelle

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